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About the Website

Originally this training program was developed by King County EMS for EMS professionals to use as an alternative for completing the cognitive objectives of the annual competency-based training (CBT) or on-going training and evaluation (OTEP) courses. Today EMS Online continues to serve this purpose and due to the excellence of the program and demand for online training, has extended out to other organizations in Washington State and beyond. These continuing education courses are accessible only to EMS providers who have established accounts.

EMS Online staff does it's best to make sure content is accessible for our subscribers. If you are having problems accessing or viewing content on the website, please let us know. Your feedback is welcome.

EMS Online Staff

Below are the people from King County EMS Training and King County Information Technology (KCIT) that contribute to the success of the EMS Training program and help to make EMS Online possible:

King County EMS Training and KCIT Staff
Michelle Plorde, MPH Douglass Colzani David Sanchez
Tom Rea, MD Cip Dacanay (KCIT) Terry Sinclair
Peter Kudenchuk, MD Leah Doctorello Cal Schlegel
Mickey Eisenberg, MD Elizabeth Evans Cleo Subido
Jason Hammond Blake Harrison Jeremy Ward (KCIT)
Dan Anderson (KCIT) Dan Henwood (KCIT) Amy Warrior
Bosaiya (KCIT) Xich Le (KCIT) Rebecca Watson (KCIT)
Casey Cassidy (KCIT) Michelle Lightfoot