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EMS Online is a continuing education resource that offers online, interactive courses and content for emergency medical service professionals.

EMS Online is a continuing education program that offers online training for emergency medical service professionals, 365 days a year, with 24x7 access and 5-day a week technical support from dedicated staff. Originally developed to provide King County (Washington state) EMT's with the best standardized training in the United States, EMS Online now serves Paramedics, EMT's and Dispatchers in 31 counties in Washington, and has expanded to serve large regions of Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Montana, Iowa, as well as the US Navy. By providing the best course content, reviewed by experts in the field, EMS Online allows training officers and instructors to focus on practical skills training and assessment.

What sets EMS Online apart from other training programs?

EMS Online offers an engaging mix of text, images, video, and interactive content that challenges the learner and is meant to compliment hands-on EMS training. We provide up-to-date information relevant to EMS providers, delivered through Ask the Doc, Case of the Month, ECG Review, and EMS Online News.

Other features include:

  • Practice scenarios
  • Skills videos
  • High-powered case studies based on actual situations
  • Media rich classes with supplemental course materials
  • Subscription to Prehospital Emergency Care Journal

“Since it’s inception, EMS Online has offered nearly 250 EMT and Dispatch courses and over 21,000 subscribers have taken exams for recertification.”

  • Why choose EMS Online?
  • EMS Online is the only CBT/OTEP online training program approved in Washington State
  • EMS Online is used by over 21,000 EMS professionals, serving 31 counties
  • Medical directors throughout the United States, have reviewed and approved the content
  • State and Federal agencies from Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Iowa and Alaska are current subscribers


One of a kind advanced life support (ALS) content is available to Paramedics through the Tuesday Series monthly lecture, in which renowned experts in their field discuss cutting edge EMS research and evidence based practices. Past topics have included: Tourniquets, Cardiovascular Drug Toxicity, Sports Concussions, just to name a few. Videos of these lectures are available on EMS Online in association with the University of Washington Medical School / Harborview Medical Center Paramedic Training Program.





“Tuesday Series Paramedic Training features monthly lectures by nationally recognized experts.”

  • Paramedic content includes:
  • Tuesday Series Video Lecture series
  • Paramedic Case Review, ECG Monthly Review, Medication Review
  • Access to Paramedic Case Review and articles from the PreHosptial Care Journal
  • Opportunities for participation in innovative pilots and programming


EMS Online provides EMT courses with accurate, up to date information on basic life support (BLS) skills, focusing on procedures and processes you are likely to encounter in the field. Concepts are illustrated through the use of graphics, photos, interactions, case studies and video scenarios. Additional resources, practice quizzes and recertification exams are included as part of the courses.




“I think these on-line reviews and tests are a very good way of keeping my knowledge up to date. I also like the fact that I can stay certified by taking these tests over time instead of all at once because I get test anxiety.”

  • EMT content includes:
  • New courses each year
  • Case of the Month offers a regular detailed case review to test your knowledge
  • Ask the Doc lets you pose a question to our doctors
  • All paramedic content


Understanding the important role emergency dispatchers play in the chain of survival, King County Emergency Services implemented an Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) program for King County, Washington in 1990. This essential program includes medically approved emergency medical dispatch triage guidelines for telecommunicators, a comprehensive training program, quality improvement measures and ongoing research. The EMD courses affiliated with this program are available through EMS Online.

“Dispatchers serve a critical role in the chain of survival.”

  • Dispatch content includes:
  • Dispatch courses covering topics such as: Pediatric Emergencies, Overdose and Poisoning, Seizure and Altered LOC
  • Access to EMT content
  • Access to Paramedic content


Agency/Department Subscriptions

EMS Online is for prehospital personnel as an alternative for completing the cognitive objectives of the Ongoing Training and Education Program (OTEP) courses. Departments residing outside of King County, Washington, can purchase a subscription for each member of their department so they will have access to EMS Online.

Individual Subscriptions

We accept subscriptions from emergency care professional agencies in the United States. Agencies outside the US interested in subscribing to EMS Online, please contact us directly for more information.

Currently, we do not accept subscriptions from individual subscribers, not affiliated with a department or agency. Individuals interested in subscribing to EMS Online should do so through a department or agency.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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