Subscribing to EMS Online

Agency/Department Subscriptions

Agencies can purchase a subscription so all the members of their agency wil have access to EMS Online. Currently, we do not accept subscriptions from individual subscribers, not affiliated with an agency.

Subscription Options

EMS Online Content Dispatcher EMT Paramedic
Dispatch Courses

EMT Course Content & Exams
(no exams)
(no exams)
Skills Video Library X X X
Case of the Month X X X
Ask the Doc
(submit your question to doctors)
Tuesday Series Paramedic Video Lectures (lectures by leading experts) X
(no exams)
(no exams)
Paramedic Case Review X X X
ECG Review X X X
Medication Review X X X
Pre Hospital Emergency Care Journal X X X
Training Officer Resources
(optional/supplemental info for you depts. training program)
Training Officer Admin Tools
(view user info and exam records)
Cost - Annual subscription per user $30 $55 $55
X - indicates primary content for Dispatchers, EMTs and Paramedics
X - indicates complimentary/supplemental content
Subscription Policies
  • Subscribers can designate their start date (by default it will be the day the subscription form is submitted).
  • Each subscription 'slot' can be filled with one member from an agency.
  • Training officers/department administrators can update rosters (add and delete users) at any time during their subscription year.
  • WA State Agencies: All Washington State agencies outside of King County, WA, need a signed letter from their county's Medical Program Director.

First Time Subscribers

The subscription process involves submitting some information online and mailing in some signed documents. Please make sure your agency meets the EMS Online system requirements before subscribing.

Mailing Address:

King County EMS
401 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1200
Seattle, WA 98104-2333

Please indicate
'Attn: EMSO' (EMT/Paramedic Subscriptions)
'Attn: EMSO-Dispatcher' (Dispatcher Subscriptions)

  1. Complete the online Subscription Form. From the confirmation page, print the invoice.
  2. Prepare check or purchase order. Make payable to 'King County Finance' (currently we do not accept credit cards).
  3. Print and sign two copies of the User Agreement Form* (choose from the list below).
  4. Washington State Agencies Requirement - Provide a signed approval letter, acknowledging the use of EMS online, from your agency's medical director.
  5. Mail invoice, check or purchase order, two copies of User Agreement (with original signatures), and if applicable a signed letter from your agency's medical director to King County EMS. (See 'Mailing Address')
  6. After we receive payment and required documents, you will get a confirmation email with important information on how to activate the user accounts.
*User Agreement Forms

Two signed user agreements are required prior to activating your agency's subscription.
Please choose the user agreements that match your subscription:
(The user agreement forms are .pdf files and require Adobe Reader )

If you have any questions about the subscription process, please contact